Notion templates for Health

Self Care

Self Care

Stop neglecting your mental & physical health. Get this Notion templat...

By lveyrslf



60% off

Diet and Exercise Tracker

Diet and Exercise Tracke...

An Advanced Notion template to track your diet and exercise routine in...

By Jesse Powell


Healthy Wealthy & Wise

Healthy Wealthy & Wise

A single place to track your health, wealth & wisdom on Notion. Fully ...

By Sonaal


Notion Healthy Grocery List

Notion Healthy Grocery L...

A Notion dashboard that help you to never forget anything on your groc...

By Prototion User


Sleep Tracker and Dream Journal

Sleep Tracker and Dream ...

Designed to be beautiful, intuitive and efficient for keeping track of...

By Riki Phukon


Nutrition Diary

Nutrition Diary

Improve your well-being & gut health by tracking your nutrition and ho...

By Theresa Quynh Tho Dinh


Workout OS

Workout OS

Track, improve & build muscle in the gym. We bring together everything...

By Noah Lloyd


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