Daily Workout Planner in Notion



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Template Description

Daily Workout Planner in Notion 

Daily Workout Planner in Notion - Exercises for all Muscle Groups + Cardio  

This template helps you combat most places where people struggle with:

❌  Can't visualize the workout progress for the different muscle groups

❌  Can't set a time interval + intensity and reps

❌  Can't track how many pages read and how many more to go

❌  Can't decide if workout progress is matching your workout targets

The Daily Workout Planner template does away with all these issues.

In this template, you get:

βœ…  Overview Muscle Groups

βœ…  2 Exercises + Description

βœ…  Workout Tracker

βœ…  Red / Green Light Feedback

Who is this Template for?

πŸ”†  All those people who want to make fitness a lifestyle

πŸ”†  working professionals and gym goers

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