Meal Planner & Calories Counter


A template that lets you plan your meals and keep track of calories and macronutrients

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Template Description

Meal Planner & Calories Counter 

Meal planning has never been easier and more organized! We brings you this amazing Meal Planning and calories counter Template for Notion, that helps you organize your meals for the day, keep track of the calories and macros present along the freedom to supplement your recipes with pictures - Just adds a special something to the meal planning process! Also keep track of what you are regularly eating and plan your meals .

Why I Created this ??

Realizing you need to figure out what to eat each day for the rest of your life is horrifying! I created this template to help you make flexible meal plans without going calorie surplus or deficit . This is the workspace that I personally use and it's worked wonders in my personal life.

What's inside the template?

  • MEAL LOGGER:- A page to add what you are eating for the day along with calorie content, or other days through the calendar view, so that you can plan your meals.
  • MEAL DIARY:- Keep track of what you have eaten and what you want to make next using a calendar view.
  • FOOD LIST:- Keep a list of foods orderly using images and adding calories.

What are the benefits of the template?

  • A clear view of what you eat every day and how balanced is your diet
  • Save time
  • Have a better overview of all your recipes and calories .

Who can use this ??

Anybody from a kid to an adult 

Gym-rats can take help of this template by keeping track of there calories and diet . 

How to use the template?

Duplicate the template, add your custom meals and add them to the daily table or the calendar .

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