Health Hub OS


A Notion Operating System Template to simplify the hassle of health tracking in one connected hub.

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Template Description

The Ultimate Health Operating System

A Notion Operating System Template made with one goal: To simplify the hassle of health tracking, in one connected hub. The Health Hub OS will help you keep track of everything health-related.

🎁 You'll get more than 15 unique templates & 10 different health trackers!

Why did I create this?

I've collected a lot of knowledge on health, over the years. A lot of it, includes tracking what you do in order to better your chances of changing or improving it. I'd always jump from tracking one thing to another, always losing track in the process.

Until I decided: no more. I sat out to create the most comprehensive tracking system to keep tabs on my improvements and my improvements-to-be-made. Currently I've spent +50 hours working on this system and there's more to come!

What you'll get:

  • +15 unique templates and +10 different health trackers!
  • Your own personal Health Tracking Operating System
  • Easy tracking & storing of all your health data
  • A highly customizable template that's easy to set up!
  • A minimalist dashboard to help you stay organized!
  • A full ready-to-use PPL workout split & template for your own.
  • Journaling & Mental Check In System with overall Happiness Rating
  • And much much more ...

What's included and how does it work?

⚙️ Daily Check In System

A color-coded system to track all your health related thing such as:

Vitamins, calories, macros, running & daily steps, water intake, meditation, happiness, daily rating & workouts

⚙️ Mental Check In System

Do you stop to ask yourself the questions needed to reflect on life and in return, improve? Every day, you go through the Mental Check In, to ... well.. mentally check in.You end the day by rating it 1-10, which in return lets you see your overall happiness over an extended period of time!

⚙️ Physical Log:

Keep track of all your macros, calorie intake, water consumption, activity, workouts, hours slept and much more in the Physical Log

⚙️ Mental Log:

Keep track of your energies, mental states and moods. Keep what you've learned to yourself in your journal, track your triggers and don't forget to track your meditation techniques and sessions!

⚙️ Knowledge Database:

Pre-curated knowledge on these topics:

  • NooTropics
  • Vitamins
  • Spirituality
  • Muscle GrowthAnd add your own with the Wiki Template to keep track off all your knowledge!

⚙️ Routine Database:

Keep track of all your routines in one place or simply create a new one with the Routine Template!..Plus lots more!


✔️ Enter in your data every day

  • Track over 10 different things each day!
  • The system automatically organizes your daily data in an interlinked database.

✔️ Pull up data you wish to see

  • Want to see how many calories you've eaten for the past 7 days? Head over to Nutrition and pull up the weekly calorie intake data.
  • Want to see if you're on track with your workout? Head over to the Workouts page to track how consequent you've been with workouts!


Does this work with a free Notion account?

  • It sure does! Just duplicate the theme and start tracking.

How will I know how to use the template?

  • I've included a small guide to help you get started. If you have further questions or concerns, you're always welcome to get in touch.

Can I share this with anyone else?

  • No. This product has a personal license.

I hope you sincerely enjoy the Health Hub OS. Good luck.

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