Diet and Exercise Tracker


An Advanced Notion template to track your diet and exercise routine in depth.




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Template Description

Looking for a portable digital tracker to track all of your exercise needs? Here you go!

This is an advanced tracker, developing towards a comprehensive health dashboard. You'll get detailed management for all your workouts and diet plans.

Diet and Exercise Template

Your exercise template home screen

Let's start with the features:

Exercise Page

This is an exercise page

Diet Page

This lists all of the main functions of the various parts of an effective workout. Just click on one of these and be surprised of how exactly each exercise affects us!

This is a Diet page

Use this page to track and also learn how many macros you need in order to reach your workout goals. Now, you can also track it, but also make changes to your diet along the way!

macros table

Little macros table on the home screen

This little macros table will let you see exactly how many of each you should be consuming, taking up little space in your planner - but giving you mighty advantages !

Timeline view

Timeline view for exercise and meals

Just as What you eat and how you exercise is important, so is When you eat and exercise

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