Notion templates for Automation

Quantified Self OS [2023 → ∞]

Quantified Self OS [2023...

Connect your Google Calendar to Notion (2-way), track time spent, habi...

By Rames Quinerie


The Simple Habit Tracker

The Simple Habit Tracker

A simple way to track your everyday habits with automated features!...

By Felix


List of 200 Notion Resources

List of 200 Notion Resou...

Find the best Notion tools, blogs, widgets, newsletters, communities a...

By Matt H


Time Tracker - TrackMe

Time Tracker - TrackMe

An automated template that allows you to track your time so that your ...

By Severin Schuetz


The Ultimate Notion Automations Hub

The Ultimate Notion Auto...

Pre-built automations to supercharge your Notion setup. All you need t...

By Bardeen


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