30 day Mental Health Challenge



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Template Description

30-day Mental Health Challenge

The challenge is to be our best version of ourselves during the 30 days and after 30 days as well. 

This template helps you combat most places where people struggle with:

❌  Can't bring about big transformation in their life

❌  Unable to be optimistic about themselves

❌  Low on self-confidence

❌  Struggling with depressive mood swings

The Daily Workout Planner template does away with all these issues.

In this template, you get:

βœ…  Inbuilt checklist that keeps you motivated

βœ…  Motivates you to perform little positive actions

βœ…  Helps bring about BIG positive changes

βœ…  Helps develop healthy relationships with others

Who is this Template for?

πŸ”†  All those people who want to bring about a major positive development in themselves

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