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Stop neglecting your mental & physical health. Get this Notion template for better relationships, mind, body, and soul.

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Template Description


We all suffer through various stages in life where we want to see improvement but we are so involved in daily activities that we forget to take time out for


We often struggle with finding the perfect blend of work-life balance. We often:

❌  Forget Emotional Health

❌  Don't take physical health into consideration

❌  Don't pamper our senses

❌  Don't read often and quench our curiosity

❌  Stray further away from spirituality and faith

❌  Isolate ourselves to avoid social interaction

All these areas of life are necessary for the proper growth of an individual, and therefore need to be checked upon.

This template showcases six key areas of ✨growth✨ that you can track using this Notion template:

  • Emotional Self Care ❤️ : Become more in-tune with your emotions by morning and evening journaling, meditation, and the best feature of this template - "Open Me If".
  • Physical Self Care💪 : Get access to self-care suggestions and a habit tracker to give your body the love that it deserves.
  • Sensory Self Care💅 : Get reminded to nourish your senses with three suggestions listed in this Notion template.
  • Intellectual Self Care 🧠: Help your mind grow by doing some activities mentioned in this section. For example, read book and track them too!
  • Spiritual Self Care 🎅 : Many of us neglect this, but using this template regularly can help you avoid that.
  • Social Self Care 👫 : This is where you can keep relationships healthy and boundaries in check. 
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