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The Founders Second Brain

The Founders Second Brai...

Unlock the power of your mind with "The Founder's Second Brain"....

By Luke Versweyveld


Goals Planner & Habits Tracker

Goals Planner & Habits T...

This Notion template is packed with features to make you reach your wi...

By Jordi Rodriguez


Applicants Tracking

Applicants Tracking

Stay organized, efficient, and collaborative recruitment management. C...

By Miguel Torres


Restaurant Tracking Tool

Restaurant Tracking Tool...

Track reservations, locate restaurants, rate & categorize them based o...

By Ferran Buireu


Projects and Papers Manager

Projects and Papers Mana...

This template is to help you manage your research projects and literat...

By Jeremy Naveen Ariadurai


Second Brain PARA-CODE-Eisenhower Template

Second Brain PARA-CODE-E...

Complete Second Brain / PKM setup to create and manage your notes/task...

By Andrew Cairns


Travel Planner

Travel Planner

Schedule your trip, track expenses,creating a packing checklist, visua...

By Prototion User


Notion Daily Task

Notion Daily Task

Break free from the cycle of unproductivity and take charge of your da...

By Nazem öykü


Recruitment Dashboard

Recruitment Dashboard

Organize Your Hiring Process with Ease In this template: View the diff...

By Ernest Keith Arthur


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