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Relations and Rollups in Notion


Hey there productive people! In today's Notion tutorial I show you how to use relations and rollups in Notion for beginners. This Notion tutorial has been highly requested so I thought I would make a video about it!

With Relations, you'll discover how to establish connections between databases and pages in Notion, enabling seamless collaboration and organization. We'll cover the process of creating Relations, linking databases, and navigating through related data with ease. 

Rollups, on the other hand, allow you to aggregate and summarize information from multiple databases into one centralized location. We'll teach you how to set up Rollups, customize them to suit your needs, and explore advanced features like filters and formulas.

One example I show is relating a book database in Notion to a notes database. This relates a certain book to a specific set of notes for that book. I then use a rollup to show the tags of that specific note relating to the book... a bit confusing, right? Well, once you watch this Notion tutorial on relations and rollups, you will understand how to use them for your own Notion databases.

This video tutorial contains: 
Explaining Rollups and Relations for Notion
Creating the Book Database
Creating the Notes Database
How to Use Relations in Notion
How to Use Rollups in Notion
Example 2: How to Use Relations and Rollups in Notion

Throughout the tutorial, we'll share valuable tips and best practices that will enhance your productivity and efficiency when working with Relations and Rollups in Notion. By the end, you'll have a solid understanding of these powerful features and be equipped to optimize your workflow in Notion.

🎬 Watch now and level up your Notion skills with Relations and Rollups! Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more content. Happy organizing! 🚀