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Amazing Notion Hacks & Shortcut commands


This exciting YouTube video on essential keyboard shortcuts that will help you navigate and use the platform like a pro. In this video, you'll learn a range of shortcuts that will make your experience with Notion more enjoyable and effective.
But that's not all - this video also includes a discussion of a new update to Notion filters within databases. With the introduction of "advanced filters," users now have greater control and flexibility over their data. This video will walk you through how this update might change your Notion setup and show you some interesting ways to create advanced database filtered views.

With clear explanations and easy-to-follow examples, you'll be able to quickly and easily incorporate these keyboard shortcuts and advanced filters into your Notion workflow. And with the ability to customize your filters to meet your specific needs, you'll be able to achieve greater productivity and efficiency than ever before.

In addition to the essential keyboard shortcuts and advanced filters, this video also includes helpful timestamps for easy navigation. So whether you're new to Notion or a seasoned pro, you'll be able to easily find the information you need and start using Notion like a pro.
 So what are you waiting for? Check out this video today and start maximizing your Notion productivity and efficiency!