Wesley Anna

How to get started in notion


Today I have another video from my Notion series, but this time we're focusing on how to get started as a beginner! I  know it can be trรจs ~overwhelming~ when opening Notion for the first time (so many beautiful templates! so many cool widgets!) but I wanted to prove that building your own layout doesn't have to take as much time as you'd think.

The template made in this video (as well as the rest of my free templates) can be found here:

If you're a Notion power user (AKA an organizational freak of nature like me!) then you might want to jump start your Notion journey with the Ultimate Notion Dashboard system.

This video contains 3 timestamps, each focusing on different aspects like:
What is Notion really,
3...2...1 Build
Last but not the least cheeky tips & tricks to level up your notion game

โœจ f i n d   m e โœจ