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How to add custom fonts in notion


The video titled "How to Add Custom Fonts in Notion" provides a comprehensive guide on adding custom fonts to Notion, a popular productivity and organization tool. The video explores four different methods for adding custom fonts to Notion.

The first method involves using Notion's default fonts, which are a limited selection of fonts built into the platform. The video demonstrates how to access these fonts and use them in Notion.

The second method involves using fancy text websites to generate unique fonts that can be used in Notion. The video recommends several popular websites and shows how to copy and paste the generated text into Notion.

The third method involves using equations to create custom fonts. The video demonstrates how to use Unicode characters and equations to create unique fonts that can be used in Notion.

Finally, the fourth method involves using the website to create custom handwriting fonts. The video shows how to use the website to create a custom font and import it into Notion.

Throughout the video, you will be getting clear and concise instructions, making it easy for you to follow along and add custom fonts to their own Notion pages. The video is a valuable resource for anyone looking to customize their Notion experience and add a personal touch to their workspace.


00:00 Intro 
01:10 Can you import fonts in Notion?
01:30 Using Notion's default fonts
01:49 How to add fonts in Notion through fancy texts websites?
03:26 How to change Notion fonts through equations? 
06:24 Changing Notion custom fonts with

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