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How to add a custom domain to Notion


In this video, we’ll show you three different ways to customize your domain. We’ll help you to avoid those ugly URLs that are impossible to remember and change them for a more aesthetic and attractive option for your audience. Spoiler alert: one of them is the perfect way and will give you all the benefits you’re looking for.

This tutorial, will dive deep into the world of Notion and show you three effective and completely free methods to add a custom domain to your Notion pages.

Notion is a powerful all-in-one workspace that allows you to organize your life, work, and ideas. While Notion provides its own domain for your pages by default, adding a custom domain can give your Notion workspace a more professional and personalized touch.

In this video, we will guide you through three different methods, all of which are completely free, to add a custom domain to your Notion pages.

Whether you are a content creator, entrepreneur, or simply someone who wants to elevate their Notion experience, this video will equip you with the knowledge and skills to unlock the full potential of Notion by adding a custom domain to your workspace.

Join us on this journey as we demystify the process and empower you to take control of your online presence. Don't miss out on this opportunity to level up your Notion game! Hit the play button now and let's get started on unlocking Notion's potential with these three free methods to add a custom domain.