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Notion Tips & Tricks for Productivity


Hello Everyone In this video, we will be diving into some amazing Notion tips to boost your productivity and help you stay organized. Whether you're a student, a professional, or just someone looking to optimize their workflow, Notion is a versatile tool that can revolutionize the way you manage your tasks, projects, and ideas.

In this video, we will cover a range of Notion tips and tricks that will empower you to make the most out of this powerful productivity app. Here's a sneak peek at what you can expect:
Full List of Tips:
1. Dark Theme in Notion
2. Quick Search in Notion - Hit Command+P on a Mac or Control+P on a PC.
3. Reference Another Page or Person Using the @ Symbol in Notion
4. Create Block Columns in Notion
5. Forward Slash Shortcut in Notion
6. Change Fonts in Notion
7. Change Your Page Width in Notion
8. Icons and Covers in Notion
9. Viewing Page Updates in Notion
10. Embedding Videos in Notion
11. Favoriting Pages in Notion
12. Locking Pages in Notion
13. Sharing Notion Pages with Others
14. Leaving Comments in Notion
15. Embedding Outside Documents in Notion Pages
16. Allow Search Indexing for Notion Pages
17. Create a Notion Toggle List
18. Creating Formulas in Notion
19. Keyboard Shortcuts Between Notion Workspaces
20. Copying Notion Heading Styles
21. Table of Contents in Notion Pages
22. Duplicate Notion Blocks
23. Color Coding Notion Blocks
24. Set Reminders in Notion
25. Export Notion Pages
26. Export CSVs from Notion
27. Import CSVs into Notion
28. Hide Database Properties in Notion
29. Adding Emojis in Notion
30. "Favorite" Pages from Other Notion Workspaces
31. Link to a Specific Notion Block
32. Toggle Between Notion Windows
33. Linked Databases from Other Notion Workspaces
34. Create a Home Page in Notion
35. Create a Journal in Notion
36. Create a Reading List in Notion
37. Create a Goals Chart in Notion
38. Notion Web Clipper - A Fantastic Free Extension
39. Use Page Templates in Notion
40. Quick To-Do Lists (Template Buttons in Notion)
41. Templates in Notion Databases
42. Databases in Page Templates
43. Task Boards in Notion
44. Filtering Notion Databases for a Specific Person's Needs (Pro Tip)
45. Task Templates in Notion
46. Meeting Templates in Notion
47. Get Pro Notion Templates
Whether you're a beginner or an experienced Notion user, this video is packed with valuable insights and practical demonstrations to help you leverage the full potential of Notion for your productivity needs. So, grab a notebook, get your favorite beverage, and join us on this exciting journey to unlock the true power of Notion!

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Thank you for watching, and let's dive into the world of productive Notion workflows together!

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