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Template Description


a personal growth page to help you on your personal growth journey. If you have always wanted a planner that included all the trackers and budgets and soothing prompts - being aesthetic on top, this is the template for you!

Some of the problems you might be facing when trying to find a glow-up template:

❌  Too many areas to focus on

❌  Different templates for different areas

❌  Difficult to synchronize with other templates

❌  Having different tracking methods for different templates

Why Dashboard Works 

βœ…  Has all the inbuilt planners 

βœ…  Includes Financial, mental and emotional health trackers

βœ…  Uses a consistent tracking method throughout the planner

βœ…  Inbuilt systems are easily synchronized with one-another

Who is This Notion Template For?

πŸ”†  This template is for Students. They can use this to manage their home and emotional health.

πŸ”†  Working Professionals who want to maintain good mental and physical health while acing their game.