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Notion Interview Pro

Notion Interview Pro

Prepare Any Interview with Confidence & Precision that will transform ...

By Fayas


Job Hunt Mastery Bundle

Job Hunt Mastery Bundle

Ace your job search with the Job Hunt Mastery Bundle – your ultimate c...

By Marco Elizalde


Applicants Tracking

Applicants Tracking

Stay organized, efficient, and collaborative recruitment management. C...

By Miguel Torres


Job Hunting Notion Template

Job Hunting Notion Templ...

More than a template... a guide. Looking for a job is a real work and ...

By Raquel Maia



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Recruitment Template

Recruitment Template

The template that help recruiters to have all the CVs in one place and...

By Giorgia Cendron


Job Hacking OS

Job Hacking OS

Notion Template to prepare, track, and optimize all your job search!...

By Matteo Cellini


Photography and Video Tracker + Landing Page

Photography and Video Tr...

It's time to get organized as Photographer or Videographer, Take the l...

By Alvus


Ultimate Job Tracker

Ultimate Job Tracker

Organize your job search by keeping a track of every detail about the...

By Atul Pandey



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Ultimate Job Search and Interview Tracker

Ultimate Job Search and ...

A simple dashboard to keep track of all your job and interview activit...

By Imad Boumzaoued