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Weekly agenda for the year 2022 where you can add reminders to each week respectively




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Template Description

-With this template, we can navigate through each month of the year 2022, and in each month you can have a view of each week of the month and add your note.

Why did I create this template?

 I create this template to cover a "Weekly Agenda" future in Notion, in order to do that, there needs some custom configuration which I apply.

What's inside (sections) the template?

 Inside this template you can find two databases, the first is the "Months" where you can find all the months of the year and the second one is the "Weeks" where there is a single database item(date) on every single day of the year (~365 database items).

How to use the template? 

1. Select the current month of the year, you will see at the top all the months as a navigation menu through the months, and below that menu, you see the weeks that month contains through a linked database to the "Weeks" database.   

2. Then from database views, you can select the current week. And you will see the current week with the dates of each day and below each date, you can add a note(database item).  

What are the benefits of the template?  

You have a digital weekly agenda in Notion which is not possible still to see in Notion. If you know Notion well you can understand the functionality.

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