UX Notion


UX Notion includes guides, curated videos, podcasts, tools, and templates.

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Template Description

UX Notion

UX Notion includes guides, curated videos, podcasts, tools and templates. This is a complete resource to start learning UX. All in one place, ready for great projects.

Everything a UX designer could possibly need!

You will find 140 hours of research and curation in the Notion template that is accessible and shareable as assets and notes.

100+ Curated Tools to Get You Started

A variety of UX tools exist to help you with your design tasks, but choosing the right ones can be challenging. The right UX tools can support product-oriented teams at every stage of development. UX Notion has over 100 UX Tools available at your fingertips.

Read Through the Most Popular and Liked Articles & Books on UX

UX Notion has a curated collection of UX content. You can save your time and get an overview of UX knowledge without spending hours on Google.

Every Designer Needs a Mentor

If you are learning by yourself, it can be very helpful to work with a mentor. Being able to learn through the experience of another designer is an incredible opportunity to improve your skills and become more effective at your job. UX Notion has a list of 50+ top-notch UX mentors available for you.

Ultimate How-to Learn UX Toolkit

Faster Learning Phase

With UX Notion, you will save hundreds of hours of researching.

Quickly Apply What You Learned

With the help of ready-to-print frameworks and templates, you can apply what you into your projects.

Monthly Updates

UX Notion will get monthly content updates: New books, articles, guides, and podcasts will be added regularly.

These types of questions led me to miss numerous deadlines, and I wasted a lot of time looking for answers on my user experience questions.

While doing my research, I’ve read a lot books and articles on how to achieve greater user experience. UX Notion is a personal library of a indie hacker specialized in UX Design. You will find numerous of sources, guides and frameworks that I’ve used on my previous projects. UX Notion has 10 different sections: Resources, UX Basics, Planning, Researching, Exploration, Information Architecture, Design, Prototyping and Testing.

I’ve taken the time to create UX Notion because I’m passionate about helping creators and junior designers to achieve better user experiences within their products, whether it’s a website, an app, or another type of product. I believe that if you take the time to familiarise yourself with the basics of user experience design, you’ll have a much easier time when it comes to coming up with your own designs. My hope for this guide is that it will help you get your thoughts in order and provide you with tried and tested methods to improve the UX of the projects you’re working on. Whether this be your own personal project, or something to work on within your job.

What is inside:

You will find 140 hours of research and curation in the Notion template that is accessible and shareable as assets and notes.

A comprehensive list of UX tools in 7 categories

UX Design Toolkit Notion Template contains UX tools for Planning, Research, Exploration, Information Architecture, Design, Prototyping, and Testing. There are more than 100 tools, categorized and filtered.

The most popular and liked reading material on UX

Researching about UX is hard and the template got you covered. You don’t have to search for and read lots of clickbait content about UX. Get all the relevant articles and books about UX, save yourself from days of research.

How do you get help on UX Design?

There are great experts, creators, and indie hackers about UX around the world. How about you instantly know how to reach them and who they are.

A library of guides on UX Design

UX Notion now has over 20 guides on the UX Design process that will help you create great experiences that focus on the end-user.

Ready-to-use Frameworks and Templates

UX Notion provides templates and frameworks to help maximize development and design flexibility and boost productivity. We now have over 18 templates and frameworks ready for instant download and print.

A list of curated UX Podcasts

While taking a walk, jogging, driving, and working out, you can’t read books and articles. I have curated over 15 podcast series on UX Design. This way, you will improve the way you spend your time and make it more enjoyable to learn UX.

Save Hundreds of Hours

UX Notion will allow you to save hundreds of hours and loads of energy.

Speed up the Design Process

Starting from scratch is not in our vocabulary. Use frameworks and templates to speed up your design process.

Start Your UX Design Journey

UX Notion is a great starting point for those who wish to embark on a career in UX design.

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