URL Builder


A simple Notion template for complicated URLs. Build, store & manage your URL in Notion

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Template Description

What are the benefits

With URL Builder, you can...

1. Build all the URL you need

2. Store them all in the same place

3. Manage them with explainations on what UTM to use

What's inside?

  • The Builder: add your list of UTM and let the Builder do the rest
  • A list of classic UTM to inspire your team
  • Explanations on how to use UTMs and query parameters

Parameters managed: 


How to use

1. Duplicate the template in your workspace

2. Build new url for your website or add the existing one

3. Store your url for later as documentation

Why have I created this template

I needed a place to store my url so I don't have to re-think everytime I need to share one 

Also it allows me to uniformise the UTM and avoid messy tracking (e.g. "Facebook", "facebook", "fb", "FB", "fb_ads" instead of "facebook")

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