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Turn ideas into posts, posts into threads, and threads into followers.

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Template Description


Content in terms of Social world is creation of written or visual information by people in context with different ideas and making that information accessible to audience as a blog, video, infographic, or other format on social networking sites like Twitter , Facebook , Instagram , LinkedIn  extra and other websites . Those who make contents are known as CREATORS .

"TWITTER CONTENT MANAGER" is a must-have tool for creators , especially for the one's who avail oneself on Twitter more .


  • Think and Create.                                 
      TURN :  Ideas  - -2- - >  Posts                   
       Posts - -2- - > Threads 
       Threads - -2- - >     Followers  with Twitter Content Manager .
  • Keep your Twitter content on track.
  • Stay consistent as a creator, learn a lot of new + and upcoming things and grow your account by using this template to the fullest.
  • Systematic way of keeping an account of the reach of your tweets; weekly, monthly, or even every single day.
  • This template has a unique feature of "RECEPTION LEVELS" on the Statistics page where you can define your reception levels like - - - >  5★ for "viral" tweets, 3★ for "average" tweets, and  1★ for "ignored" tweets and any other way as you would like to.     


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a) Daily Tweets :- Keep track of your tweets on daily basis and even save tweets for future with a reminder in this .

b) Twitter Threads :- Published , unpublished , In association , un-associated   threads [series of tweets] with links , weekdays and media in one click .

c) Visual Tweets and Memes :- Available to differentiate tweets which makes this template easy to use .

d)Tutorials :- This place is made to save your future tweets and  your strategies .

e) Statistics :- Reception by Type of tweets & Reception by weekdays .

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