Trader Business Dashboard Pro Template


Boost productivity, save time, and manage trading business databases from one intuitive and feature rich template.

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Template Description

Why did I create this template?

Previously all my trading documentation, images, and other material was scattered across my computer, websites, and hardrives. Today, most of that is neatly organized within Notion. 

What's inside the template?

- Journaling template for daily and weekly entries. Tag filtering and tracking

- Unique and detailed trading playbook setup template (not financial advice)

- News events tracker. Keep an eye on upcoming scheduled events (data not provided)

- Milestone and goal tracking, with visual tracker

- TradingView integrated charts with tutorial on how to

- Trading outline template

- Trading drills template

- Loaded resource page

- Twitter feed embedded that updates

+ Much more

How to use the template?

1. Follow the link provided

2. At the top right click Duplicate

3. Read the How To README page

4. Fill in the newly duplicated template or copy elements to your own

What are the benefits of the template?

- Save time from mindless trading tasks

- Quickly navigate, create, and edit pages or databases

- Feature rich including interactive trading charts

- Access from computer, mobile, or iPad. Browser or App 

- Multiple page and database templates inside

- Organize journal entries, and use filtering tools to find patterns and new information using tags provided + add your own tags

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