It has a homey and cosey feel to it which instantly makes the visitor feel at ease. For blogs, books and content.

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Template Description

Why did I create this template?

I wanted anyone to be able to get their ideas out there with this simple and elegant template. It shows the flexibility and ease of Popsy's site builder

What's inside the template?

  • Inside the template you get a guide to:
    ✅How to Setup your popsy site (link)
    ✅ Link to the Notion template (duplicate and add your own info after)
    ✅Instuctions for theming the site in Popsy (create the replica)
    ✅ Instructions for the chillipeper form

How to use the template?

1. Setup your popsy site 
2. Duplicate the template

3. Configure Popsy theme

4. Replace the chillipepper form with your own

5. Read the tips 😎

What are the benefits of the template?

Setup a really clean and elegant site within a couple of minutes so you can focus on content and not site building

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