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Suitable for Teachers, Small Startups, Individuals, Students, and more


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Template Description

Why did I create this template?

I created this template in order to offer individuals, teams, and organisations the ability to manage their daily workflow efficiently

What's inside the template?

You can find an advanced Dashboard with an overview of your Databases

  • Domains - First hierarchy level
  • Each Domain can be related to a Projects
  • Projects can be related to Tasks
  • Meetings can be related straight to Domains, Projects, Tasks

How to use the template?

In order to fully use all the features of the template you can follow these steps: 

Start by creating a new Domain.

Create Projects and relate them to the Domain.

Each Project can have Tasks.

As soon as you start to complete Tasks the Progress will start to reflect in all related content.

Meetings can be assigned to a Domain, Project, and Task also.

The “Quick Actions” section helps you to add a quick item to your System.

The “Daily Log” section is a place where you can find your daily checklist.

Use the main Dashboard to keep track of your Domains by category, Upcoming - Overdue Tasks, and your Projects.

You can find also a Calendar view where you can have an eye on your Projects - Tasks - Meetings based on their dates.

Through Domain and Projects page content you can track the corresponding Progress % of the items that are related to them.

What are the benefits of the template?

This template the individuals, teams, and organisations to stay organized in their daily workflows. 

Schedule any Project and let this template remind you when and what you have To-Do

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