Second Brain


Second Brain turns Notion into an all-in-one productivity system to organize work & life.

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Template Description

Why did I create this template?

David Allen once said, “Your brain is great for having ideas, not for storing them.” Second Brain turns Notion into an all-in-one productivity system to capture everything in one place. Using the PARA method and database relations, every project, task, notes, resources and more can be organized and linked together.

What's inside the template?

  • Second brain dashboard
  • PARA Method :- The core of the second brain system 
  • Goals  :- Track your goals
  • Key Results :- Mark your major accomplishments with dates .
  • Entries :- Make notes n save phone numbers .
  • Journal :- Keep track of everything and read and write from anywhere 
  • Notebooks :- Organize your notes in notebooks for every part of your life
  • Notes :- Do fast notes for your quick thoughts to remember them and pin important notes .
  • Books :- Add books you want to read and you liked the most .
  • Quotes :- Add motivational quotes and get your daily dose of motivation .
  • Topics :- Add topics schedule them and more .
  • Events :- Get a special calendar right for you
  • Pages :- Create different pages you want 
  • Projects :- Manage your projects in advance with calendar
  • Areas :- Divide your life into several areas
  • Archive :- Archive your completed tasks, projects, or notes
  • Resources :-  Insert interesting things in here with links
  • Tasks :-Organize your tasks with help of inbuilt calendar to accomplish them quickly.
  • Weekly Review :- Be a pro ! Review and schedule  your work anytime .

Who is this template for ??

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small Businesses 
  • Creative Professionals
  • Students
  • Anyone using Notion to organize their digital information and increase their creative output.

Benefits :-

  • Maximize your return on attention & have a clear workspace. 
  • Increase your creative output vs passive consumption through a process of PARA
  • A template work as good as 100 templates combined 
  • Get relief from stress & more 
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