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Perfect for PhD students, academics, or nonfiction writers, this template helps you keep track of your writing projects

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Template Description

How to use the template?

Make sure you click to duplicate the template in the upper left corner, so you can personalize the template in your own notion.

The "Research Sources" page is a database for you to keep track of all your sources you may refer to on a regular basis. Be sure to keep track of which projects you find useful for each source - on separate project pages, you can filter the copy of this database to only show you the sources related to that specific project. 

The "Books" database was originally designed for helping to write a book, but can be used for any long-form research project. To create a new project, simply click on the arrow next to the blue button "New", and click to create a "New Book". This creates a new page based on the Book Template form. Under the section for "Research" in the copy of the Research Sources database, click Filter and choose to filter by the project of the book. This means that when working on your book, you only see the sources most relevant to you at that time.     

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