Professional Resume / CV


A very simple and clean resume template that you can use to present your employment and education to potential employers


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Template Description

Professional Resume / CV

This is a very simple and clean, but professional looking resume template that you can use to present your:

  • Employment History
  • Contact Information
  • Personal Profile / Bio
  • Education
  • Technical Skills
  • Language Skills
  • Publications & Articles

Key Features

  • Clean and Professional Layout
  • Simple to Use Template
  • Easy to Export to PDF
  • Expand it to make it your own

Why this template?

Many recruiters and employers don't have time to spend looking through lengthy resumes, instead they are looking for information about you quickly.

This resume/CV notion template does just that. It allows you to provide key information about you and your employment in a single, uncluttered and clean page.

What is Included?

A simple and easy to fill in Resume / CV template that can be duplicated to your workspace.

Expand on the sections and tailor the template to your needs

Exporting the Resume to PDF

After filling in your information, you may wish to print a hardcopy or a PDF to pass onto your potential employer. Depending on the content, you may need to adjust the scale factor when exporting.

Go download this template, add your information and go out and get your dream job by creating a great first impression.

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