Live Financial Data In Notion (Crypto, Banks, Investments)


Live Crypto & Banking Data In Notion: Map accounts, balances, holdings, & transactions to ANY Template of yours.


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Template Description

Why did I create this template?

I created this template so that people could track all of their finances using notion, but never have to make a manual update to pull in their data.

What's inside the template?

It's a very simple starter template that allows users to map their live account/balances, holdings from investments, and transaction all into one linked database view.

How to use the template?

Go to https://piggybanker.io and you can easily connect all of your crypto and banking accounts and begin mapping over your custom data!

Note: (Connecting accounts is done in a completely secure fashion, we never store any of your login info, it's encrypted and managed by Plaid and Vezgo who are our third party aggregators, and we maintain just a read-only access).

What are the benefits of the template?

Live and automated personal finance tracking in Notion :D

  • Use a tool you already know and love
  • Customize the data to ANY template of your choosing
  • See live updates, pull in current YTD data, and automate relational properties between databases
  • New linked database views make it simple to see everything in one area
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