Advanced Novel Writing Template


Organize your book project with this powerful template for authors. Plan, write, edit, publish & market your novel.

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Template Description

Why did I create this template?

I've tried Scrivener, Bibisco, The Novel Factory and countless apps and systems for authors. When I couldn't find a tool as comprehensive as I needed it to be I decided to create my own in Notion. The result is a power tool to rival all of the above, and which covers every aspect of managing the work that goes into a fictional novel – from idea to marketing.

What's inside the template?

  • Project Dashboard: A dashboard with templated pages related to planning, writing, editing, publishing & marketing a fictional novel – the Novel Writing template has you covered every step of your enormous project!
  • Set daily & weekly writing goals
  • Build a database of character profiles
  • Create a drag & drop outline, including tagging scenes/plot points with characters from your database (great for filtering scenes to follow subplots!)
  • Organize your research
  • Organize beta reader feedback – keep track of suggestions you've received, changes you've made and what still remains to be implemented
  • Upload files & documents you need easy access to
  • Create a mailing list (for marketing)
  • Shortlist & track your communication with potential agents, publishers, editors, etc.
  • Build an extensive marketing plan – with 52 suggested marketing activities
  • Write on the Go: Write directly in Notion, from any device.
  • My 49-step Process on How to Write a Novel: Concrete steps to planning, writing, editing and publishing a novel (traditional publishing & self-publishing). The steps read like chapters of a book with insights and information on each step, and the list can be used as a to-do list to check off tasks. Always know where you are and how much work remains.
  • ...and more!

The Advanced Novel Writing Template is a powerful framework, adaptable to your unique novel. It transforms Notion into a power tool for authors who like to be organized. Once you've gotten into using the template you'll wonder how you ever managed without it – and when you reach the next step of your writing journey the tools to get things done are waiting for you! :)

How to use the template?

Depending on where you're at with your current novel, select a topic on the dashboard. Populate the template pages with the content you need.

If you're just starting a new novel, I recommend starting on the "Outline" page where you can brainstorm and organize your ideas. Or check out the 49 step "Progress Tracker" which doubles as a resource on how to write a novel – almost like a book on the subject!

Each page has a "Read Me" section with helpful tips and instructions.

What are the benefits of the template?

Build your story, compile your research and character profiles, write on the go from any device, learn how to publish (traditionally and self-publishing), manage your contacts and marketing... This template was designed to cover *every* aspect of writing a novel! 

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