My Gratitude Journal


Simple & Elegant Design, Handpicked Quotes, Daily Mood Tracker & Pastel Theme Journal to REMIND You how BLESSED You are.

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Template Description

Why did I create this template?

I created this template to help myself initially, and I loved it. I have always been the one who wants to help people grow and to prosper in life, which is why I want to share this creation with everyone who can use it to make their lives better.  

What's inside the template?

This template has the following features which make it a joyful experience. 

  • A Notion Template with Simple & Elegant Design.
  • We have a pastel theme for each month to make their writing experience joyful.
  • Hand-picked quotes to inspire them every day.
  • Three questions that they can answer every day to make their life blissful.
  • Daily Mood Tracker to remind them how happy they are

How to use the template?

This Notion template is designed for everyday use. They can easily duplicate the template by clicking the link and then the duplicate button on the right upper corner in their Notion respectively. We have shared our email address for any other questions and assistance if they need some help with the template. 

What are the benefits of the template?

This Notion template is easy to use.

Simple & Elegant Design which is visually appealing for them.

The colorful pastel theme makes the writing experience joyful.

Daily Mood Tracker helps them to remind themselves how happy they are in their lives.

It also has hand-picked quotes to inspire them daily.

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