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Track your finance and compare them to the last 30 days to spend your money wisely using this template




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Template Description

A Simple but effective Notion Template to track your day to day expenditure. This template uses the Database relation feature of Notion very well. Let's discuss some of it's feature real quick.

Money Database 

The most important database is the Money Database. You will spend most of your time here. Other databases drives it's values from this database, so will the information in the best way possible.

Money Database of Money Tracker Notion Template 

It consist of following properties, all really important to fill up information in other databases.

  • πŸ“† Date: On which the expense/income received 
  • πŸ“ Subject: Tell you about the nature of the expense 
  • πŸ’³ Entry Type: Choose whether it's expense/income
  • πŸ““ Category: To choose the nature of expense/income
  • 🧾 Description: Add notes for reference 
  • πŸ’° How much: Amount of money 

Last 30 Days Summary

30 days few of the expenses and income

A 30 days Summary of all your Income and Expenses. This give you an overall picture of where your finances stand and how are you spending you money. Think of this like those fancy dashboard provided by the Money Management Apps.

Today Log

A quick way to add your expenses in the Money Tracker 

Use this database to add daily expenses/income to the  Money Database. It auto fills the other properties and gives you a focused view of how your day is going.

We hope that like this template and use this to utilise your money in most efficient way.

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