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Build your own personal website in Notion with this minimalist, easy to use, customisable and editable notion template.


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Template Description

Minimal Personal Website Notion Template with a Guide to Building it 

Use this easy and customisable Notion template to jumpstart your own personal website. Bring out the aesthetic in you and play with colours, size, design and fonts within this Notion template. 

The step-by-step guide within the template, helps you build your own personal blog too, with these main features: 

  • Social media buttons

Customise your social media 

Use this easy to use and guide to customize and change your social media as per your preferences. If you do not wish to code, find this ready-made guide and get going. 

  • Post block Template 

Latest Post Section 

Use the instructions to set up an attractive and beautiful post section. You can follow the video guide and template that can be easily 

  • About me/contact me section 

Leave a stellar bio 

This optional About Me section is just the perfect way to end your blog for your readers. 

Get this Minimal Personal Website Template right now and get your amazing site + blog up and going!

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