Jobs Dashboard + Resume


Track your applications, Create your resume on Notion and prepare your interviews with the appropriate notes 




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Template Description

Jobs Dashboard + Resume

The ultimate Jobs Dashboard and Resume maker Notion template to address all your portfolio needs without compromising on your Resume quality.

So, when you're creating an submitting a resume, it's hard to pin-point how to present the portfolio, segregate your projects, take relevant notes. Let the Jobs Dashboard + Resume template handle that for you!

Problems we face when submitting a job proposal:

❌  Don't keep a track of submitted applications

❌  Need various softwares to build a resume

❌  Lack of space for the creation of a proper work portfolio

❌  Can't tailor resume according to the job

The Jobs Dashboard does away with all these problems

Organize your job search journey with this Notion template!

You'll be able to :

✅ Track your applications 🛤️

✅  Be reminded to follow up ⏰

✅  prepare your interviews with the appropriate notes 📝

✅  Create your resume on Notion 👴🏽

Who is this Template for?

🔆  Job seekers who want to make sure their resume stands out without compromising on the quality.

🔆  Students who want to pursue internships and paint their projects in the best light possible

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