The Ideation Framework


A Notion Template to help you create the right business idea.

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Template Description

A Notion Template to help you create the right business idea.

The Ideation Framework: A Notion Template to help you create the right business idea

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur that has not found the right business idea for you yet, that’s where this Ideation Framework comes in. The Ideation Framework is meant to get you started on the right path in your entrepreneurial journey by finding an idea that fits you and solves a real problem.

The Ideation Framework is broken down into three parts:

  • Areas of Interest
  • Personal Fit
  • Problem Identification

Let’s go over a brief preview of each section below:

Areas of Interest

The first part of the Ideation Framework is Areas of Interest. Areas of Interest are industries or spaces of new business ventures that might be interesting to you. This list of Areas of Interest is by no means an exhaustive list of Areas of Interest. It’s just to help you get started and cover most of the bases. You can always add an Area of Interest I may have missed.

Personal Fit

The second part of the Ideation Framework is Personal Fit. Personal Fit is identifying whether you care enough about an area of interest and if your (future) skill set fits what is needed in an Area of Interest.

One of the coolest parts about being human is that we’re natural problem solvers. A lot of us are wired to see the problem and then act on fixing that problem. It’s super neat, but it can also be overwhelming. There are a LOT of problems in the world that need fixing. This Personal Fit section of the Ideation Framework helps prioritize and narrow down the list of problems you can go fix.

Problem Identification

The final part of the Ideation Framework is Problem Identification. This part of the Ideation Framework is to help you start the process of finding where problems may lie in the Area of Interest you have narrowed down to in the previous two sections of the Ideation Framework.

This Problem Identification section is similar to the Personal Fit section. It’s a set of ten questions that help you start seeing where problems may lie. You might not have great answers to these ten questions off the bat. That’s okay - it’s just a starting point and you can explore more into these potential problem areas just like you explored Areas of Interest above.

For a preview of the template, check out this blog post and video: https://www.startstation.co/blog/the-ideation-framework

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