This gardening template is bound to create a better connection with your plants. Try it out and have fun gardening.


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Template Description

Level up your gardening skills with this gardening template. Stay connected with your plants by getting to know them better: write down their heights, take a photo journal and add more plants whenever you like.

Why did I create this template?

I created this template to keep track of the lifecycle of my plants and flowers.

What's inside (sections) the template?

The template consists of a multi-view database, including the possibility to annotate the latest fertilization, repot, and water dosage. You can add a description for each plant and keep a growing journal.

How to use the template?

You can use the template can add new plants and quickly fill in all properties. Most properties have assigned values, but some need custom input, like the description and height (you need to measure that physically).

 What are the benefits of the template?  

The most prominent benefits from using this template are:

  • Don't lose track
  • Quick and easy access
  • Have fun gardening again
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