Freelance Workspace Template


An all-in-one template to organize your freelance business in Notion.

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Template Description

Why did I create this template?

I created this template because I know that managing your work and business as a freelancer or creative professional can be a hassle. Notion is an extraordinary tool that can help you get things done, but it's sometimes tricky to set up your workspace for success. With this template, I've tried to build a simple, yet powerful template, that you can adapt to meet the needs of your business.

What's inside the template?

  • Projects overview with all projects that are upcoming, active, and archived.
  • Task list, linked per project, so you always know what’s still to do and how much projects are completed.
  • Document center linked to project and client, with proposal, scope of work, and invoice templates included.
  • A customizable CRM that’s linked to projects and documents.
  • Meeting notes, organized on a project- and task level.
  • A client portal, linked to a specific client, to share things.
  • Finance account overview with income and expenses.
  • Tools and subscriptions overview, including monthly costs.

How to use the template?

Buy the template. Then, open the template link, and click "Duplicate" in the top right corner to duplicate it to your personal workspace. It's yours to customize now!

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