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Focai brings mental energy awareness into your study schedule to manage stress and help you achieve more.

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Template Description

Why did I create this template?

When I was at college, I saw many of my peers mismanaging their mental energy, which led them to burn out and not get the grades they aspired to - despite their clear intelligence and ability. I thought it wasn't fair for students who had the potential to do well would fail because of poor mental energy management, so I decided to build Focai!

What's inside the template?

- A planner that shows you your mental energy 📅🔋

- A better to-do list that you can drag straight into your calendar ✅

- Detect and control stress levels with burn control🔥

- Get laser-focused with Guided Focus Sessions 🧠

How to use the template?

Focai is designed to keep you aware of your mental energy when planning and going through your day. That means that each activity on your calendar is labelled with a score of mental impact, which allows you to plan each day to reach a personal energy target.

With Focai, you can feel confident that you can maintain peak performance over weeks and months to achieve your greatest aspirations without sacrificing your mental health.

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