Flux OS - Second Brain for Notion


Take control of your routine and let your potential shine through in all areas of your life.

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Template Description

Why did I create this template?

Since 2018, when I started using Notion, I knew it had potential, but I wasn't sure how to take advantage of it, and it all felt very broad and difficult to organize.

As a die-hard (paid) user of Evernote + Asana + Dropbox + Google Drive, I was frustrated because my schedule, tasks, files, and resources felt disconnected and fragmented.

With the rampant consumption of information in ebooks, online courses, social networks, articles and videos, I found myself wasting much more time and energy than I would have liked - and yet, having few results in personal and professional evolution.

Getting organized seemed impossible. And so, taking things without an effective planning, my quality of life, my personal dreams, even my free time to go out with friends or travel was silently disappearing.

In 2019, I was diagnosed with ADHD and I finally started to understand more deeply why a good system was truly a life-changing tool. It was only when I decided to use Notion to really plan. I doggedly studied the tool and saw that it was possible to gather documentation, resources, images, notes and short + long-term planning.

When I found a way to put all my processes, tasks, resources in Notion, it was a complete game changer in my life. I finally managed to build a system that worked for my brain.

I was finally able to visualize all my work and commitments and get a sense of where my time and effort was going (compared to where I thought I was going).

I was so delighted with the tool that I want it to reach as many people as possible, ready. Without them having to study and assemble all this to be able to leave the place. I want to show that it is possible to organize easily, allowing this possibility of transformation to all who are willing to try.

What's inside the template?

  • Flux OS Workspace
  • GTDยฎ style workflow
  • PARA Method organization
  • Task priority matrix
  • Advanced archive features
  • Mastertags library
  • Reading Hub
  • Daily Planning guide
  • Five Minute Journal
  • Life perspective planning:
  • โ€Žโ€Žโ€Žโ€Žโ€Žโ€Žโ€Žโ€Žโ€Ž โ€Žโ€Žโ€Žโ€Žโ—‹ Long term vision
  • โ€Žโ€Žโ€Žโ€Žโ€Žโ€Žโ€Žโ€Žโ€Ž โ—‹ Mid term goals
  • โ€Žโ€Žโ€Žโ€Žโ€Žโ€Žโ€Žโ€Žโ€Ž โ—‹ Short run objectives
  • Weekly Review
  • Light/Dark mode support
  • In-page start guide
  • Lifetime access
  • Unlimited Future Updates

How to use the template?

Flux OS has an in-page start guide that helps the user to fill in the template following the structure of the methodologies used. In each session there is a brief explanation of what it is and how to use it. There are also ready-made templates in each database.

What are the benefits of the template?

  • Find everything you've learned, highlighted, or thought about in the past in seconds.
  • Organize your knowledge and use it to advance your projects and goals consistently.
  • Spend less time looking for things and more time doing the best and most creative work you're capable of.
  • Develop processes for continuous improvement with positive habits.
  • Expand understanding of your life and take tangible action to improve it.
  • Build a digital environment that promotes clarity and peace of mind.
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