Finance Planner 2022


A template to organize your finances and financial goal for the upcoming year.

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Template Description

A template to organize your finances and financial goals for 2022.

Have you ever felt like your finances are out of your control? Would you like to have a clear idea of what are your incomes, expenses and how much have you saved already for that goal of yours? I created this template to help myself solving these problems, and thought it would be wonderful to share it with you.

With this template you will get:

1. A monthly tracker of your incomes and expenses;

2. A yearly overview of all your incomes and expenses;

3. A board with your saving goals, so you can keep your motivation when saving for a particular goal.

1. Why did I create this template?

In order to help other people to organize their finances, and also to help them keep motivated while doing so. 

2. What's inside (sections) the template?

The template is divided in 4 sections:

- A monthly tracker of incomes and expenses;

- An yearly overview of all incomes and expenses;

- A list of all expenses and incomes;

- A board with your saving goals

3. How to use the template?

This template is very intuitive and easy to use. You just have to keep track of your incomes/expenses in each month, and the sum of these will be shown on the yearly overview. In the section of saving goals, you can define your goals, choose an inspirational picture, the value for that goal and how much you already saved.

4. What are the benefits of the template?

You will have your finances organized and will actually enjoy doing it. By addressing the theme of financial organization, you eliminate the "fear" that many people have when talking about finances. When you have your financial plan well defined, it's easier to follow it.

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