Essentials | Minimalist Workspace



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Template Description

Essentials | Minimalist Workspace

Take back control of your time: gain clarity, minimize distraction, & never lose a file again with Essentials.

Declutter your Notion workspace

The ultimate Notion workspace for minimalists, creatives, and students alike, Essentials has been carefully crafted to keep all your information within just a few clicks.

Problems we face when trying to get work done:

❌  Scattered information - wasting time and mental energy

❌  Losing essential files, thereby losing months of progress

❌  Need for different databases to store school, work and personal stuff

❌  Cluttered workspace

Minimize distractions and take back control of your time with Essentials' curated layout:

It comes with:

βœ…  Current and frequented pages kept front and centre

βœ…  Information kept in neat databases

βœ…  Measures taken to ensure that all the essential files are accessible

Who is this Template for?

πŸ”†  Students and Creative professionals alike

πŸ”†  Students who want to pursue extra-curricular/part-time jobs without keeping studies on the back-burner

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