DeFi Tracker


DeFi Tracker is a Notion template to help you manage and track your DeFi projects : Projects, Nodes, Vaults, Staking

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Template Description

Why did I create this template?

I'm a crypto and DeFi enthusiast and I was looking for a template to manage every DeFi projects I was invest on, but I found nothing. So I decided to create mine!

What's inside the template?

  Inside the template you will find 7 useful sections for:

- DeFi projects

- Events Calendar

- Nodes

- Vaults

- Staking

- Trades

- Giveaways

And 3 databases to feed the template (blockchains, tokens and transactions)  

How to use the template?

  The user must insert every DeFi projects that he is following with every details (like discord links, twitter, White Paper...)

Then he will links them to each investment type like Nodes, Vaults or Staking to track everything!  

What are the benefits of the template?

Tracking DeFi projects information, investments, nodes/vaults/staking possessed by the user, giveaway participations, NFT trades made....

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