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Template Description


The only resume 3.0 you need to pitch your CV as well as share online and with export option. 

Problems we face when tailoring our resume to the company's needs:

❌  Don't know what to put on the Resume

❌  No to place show the portfolio to the client

❌  Can't track client contacts to generate leads

❌  No space to add a cover letter about what makes you the perfect choice for the job

How to use the Resume Notion Template

The following template is a dynamic CV tool to build resumes quick while keeping a flexible room for configuration to allow continuous improvement. Spend time adding your own style (use the page emoji for your profile picture) in content and visuals to impress recruiters. You can export in pdf the CV as many times as you want in the (...) on the right upper side, or click in share to make it public to send the recruiters.

βœ…  Standard CV sections to fill up πŸ“

βœ…  Template button to create a Portfolio showcase πŸ“Ÿ

βœ…  Pre-configured link sections to extend online information πŸ”“

βœ…  Extra page to use as a cover or presentation letter πŸ“₯

Who is this Template for?

πŸ”†  Entrepreneurs, people who plan to manage a team and collaborate while aiming for a combined goal

πŸ”†  Freelancers

You can reach us on Twitter at @belownotionorg and Instagram at @below.notion.studio

 Reach us on Twitter at @belownotionorg and Instagram as @below.notion.studio

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