Product Backlog



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Template Description

Product Backlog

This is the ultimate template to keep your backlog agile with team and stakeholders, all-in-one place.

Problems we face when planning Product launches and factoring stakeholders in:

โŒ  Problems with prioritizing various processes

โŒ  Can't monitor the progress

โŒ  Pending tasks are forgotten and therefore aren't resolved 

โŒ  Tasks: Both completed and pending clutter the workspace

How to use the Product Backlog Notion Template

You can also get inspired with a list that  created due to get started. You can Fill out the following records with your book title and complete the rest of the values.

โœ…  Legend with standard status and priority tags.

โœ…  Progress formula to show the epic's completion.

โœ…  Sorted to show the tags ascending.

โœ…  Pre-configured views like a roadmap, user story map, or kanban to get the most of your product strategy and operations.

โœ…  Filter to hide done features or tasks.   

Who is this Template for?

๐Ÿ”†  Entrepreneurs, people who plan to manage a team and collaborate while aiming for a combined goal

๐Ÿ”†  Freelancers

You can reach us on Twitter at @belownotionorg and Instagram as @below.notion.studio

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