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Template Description


Want to make it a habit to read? Or perhaps you want to organize your readings and take notes of what all you have acquired? 

Condense your knowledge and keep the learnings handy with the ultimate Notion Book Organizer! 

Why we can't keep up with the reading habit:

❌  Can't track the books read

❌  Can't keep note of the learnings

❌  Forget about the content and feel demotivated

❌  Can't decide which genre we like to read more of

This Notion Bookshelf template does away with all these issues.

You can also get inspired with a list that  created due to get started. You can Fill out the following records with your book title and complete the rest of the values.

βœ…  Pre-configured table and main values like author, or topic.

βœ…  Template button within each record to easily take notes from books.

βœ…  Comes with multiple views to manage better your reads.

βœ…  Master views to see your complete book history, easily edit the book values, and access books and notes.

Who is this Template for?

πŸ”†  All those people who want to make daily reading a successful habit

πŸ”†  Students

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