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The Content Planner will guide you through the entire process, from idea to publication

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Template Description

The Ultimate YouTube Content Planner

Is your content not getting the recognition it deserves? Are you unable to remain consistent in publishing it?

Let me tell you...what you need to be successful on YouTube is certainly a lot of work, but above all the right system.

YouNotion is that system.

The Content Planner will guide you through the entire process, from idea to publication, cleaning up the mess and keeping you focused on your goals.


What you will get:

βœ“ A template suitable for both light and dark theme

βœ“ The system that provides you with all the tools you need to grow.

βœ“ Video script template to better organize the structure of your content in order to increase your audience

βœ“ Editing and Publishing checklists

βœ“ Film schedule and Shot list

βœ“ Video budget tracker

βœ“ Goal tracker

βœ“ Task manager

βœ“ Content scheduler calendar

βœ“ Collection of useful Tools and Tips

βœ“ Stats tracker

And much much more...


The journey through publication:

βš™οΈ  Tips and Tools:

  • Read the 10 commandments of YouTube growth
  • Know the best tools for the creators
  • You are ready to start!

βš™οΈ  Phonotion:

  • This is a fast access page in which you can capture your ideas directly from your phone. Everything you write here will be synchronized in the CREATIVITY page, where you will be able to organize better your ideas later.

βš™οΈ  Creativity:

  • Here your ideas come to lifeOrganize your ideasBrainstormRelate your ideas to a specific video
  • Organize your ideas
  • Brainstorm
  • Relate your ideas to a specific video

βš™οΈ  Content Factory:

  • Here you create your videos:Do your researchesWrite your scriptRecord the videoCheck the checklistsTrack your expensesYou are ready to publish!
  • Do your researches
  • Write your script
  • Record the video
  • Check the checklists
  • Track your expenses
  • You are ready to publish!

βš™οΈ  Content Scheduler:

  • Once you have produced your content in the Content Factory you are Ready to publish. Check the propery and your video will appear in the calendar (you can drag and drop the box to change the publish date).

Schedule in the calendar

βš™οΈ  Stats:

  • Last but not least, track your key statistics and admire your growth

You will benefit from this if:

  • You want to grow your YouTube channel but you don't know where to start
  • You are already an expert creator and you want a system that allows you to create and organize all your videos in the best way
  • You have many ideas but your head is messy and you can't put them into action
  • You want all the tools you need in one system to better focus on your work



Growing a YouTube channel takes consistency and work. This system won't magically bring you thousands of subscribers but it'll make the journey much more pleasant.

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