Weekly Journal


A notion template that helps you keep track of your weekly activities and goals.

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Template Description

Why did I create this template? 

I have been journaling in my diary for quite a long time and I used to use this format for journaling. Its really helpful and when I discovered notion I started scheduling things here as well but I was really missing my diary journaling because of this layout. So, I created it in notion.

What's inside the template? 

This template consists of a to do for every day of the week, a habit tracker and a goal keeper(place where you write your goals).

How to use the template?

You can simply add your tasks you want to complete in a week on the preferred day. And you have a column for your goals which will motivate you whenever you will open this. Apart from this you have a habit tracker which will keep you aware of the habits that are a part of your routine.

What are the benefits of the template? 

With this template you can keep track of your whole week.

And you will be able to keep an eye on your goals every time you use this template.

It also has a habit tracker which will help you track your habits.

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