Weekly Agenda


Use this Notion Weekly agenda to keep track of the entire year.

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Template Description

Why did I create this template?

  I have been journaling in my diary for quite a long time and I used to use this format for journaling. Its really helpful and when I discovered notion I started scheduling things here as well but I was really missing my diary journaling because of this layout. So, I created it in notion. This is the best template for me to use to keep track of what I do in one week.

What's inside the template?

CURRENT :- Create To-do lists for weeks , months or even years with Tick-Box system . 

TEMPLATE :- Tick the box when complete task for a day and many more , This template consists of a to do for every day of the week .

ARCHIVED :- Archive important dates from past . 

Weekly planner main page and the template for each week This template consists of a to do for every day of the week .

How to use the template?

Easy. Simply click new template and You can add your tasks you want to complete in a week on the preferred day. Get motivation whenever you will open this by seeing your upcoming tasks .

What are the benefits of the template?

  • Helps to keep organized the entire year.
  • Complete your tasks on time .
  • Never miss a task from routine or even your workplace . 
  • Manage to-do's and set reminders for them.
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