Vinyl Organization


Organize your vinyl collection with this template! Filter your vinyl by where they are (preorder, in the collection)




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Template Description

Vinyl Organization

Are you an avid collector of vintage stuff? Do you perhaps sell vinyl? If yes, then this Notion Template is for YOU!

Why this Notion Template works

βœ…  Sorts collection into categories: When you take a look at your vintage collection, you feel that it'd be much better if it could be sorted into categories. This template does an excellent job at it, by assigning tags and filters to all your items and listings!

βœ…. Sorting trays: When you are listing your vinyl for selling, you want to make sure that you know the date, the condition, where you bought it from, etc. This template lists that all into a neat table format and what you get is the resulting organized dream.

βœ…. Sizing: One way to sell and purchase vinyl is by size, you can arrange them according to size and sell or retrieve it at the click of a button! 

βœ…. Stock Limit: When you have your vinyl arranged according to a set stock limit, you have the freedom to sell them at a higher profit.

With this template, you can easily sort your vinyl collection and purchases, see which ones you're waiting on, and different ways you can organize them.

WHO is this template for

πŸ”†. Collectors of vinyl and vintage stuff in general who like to keep an eye on how far their present purchase has reached.

πŸ”†. Businessmen who trade in vinyl and want to free themselves of the hassle of organizing their collection in paper and transform it to a way easier organization system.

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