Video Games List Notion Template



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Template Description

Video Games List Notion Template

This template works as a tracker to help the user keep track of video game progress and wishlist of upcoming games

A simple page for your desktop 

Some of the problems you might be facing during gaming sessions!

❌  Can't track video game progress

❌  forget which games you can and want to purchase

❌  Forgot which games have been already completed

❌  Feel uninformed when you don't know which games are coming up this year

Why Dashboard Works 

This notion template works as a tracker to help the user keep track of video games they would like to purchase i.e.

βœ…  Creating a wishlist

βœ…  Games in progress

βœ…  Games that they have completed

βœ…  Built-in filter function that automatically moves games listed under the upcoming view to the already out view once the games' entered release date matches the current system date.

Who is This Notion Template For?

πŸ”†  This template is for gamers. They can use this to manage their home and competitive gaming.

πŸ”†  Working Professionals who want to maintain good social health while engaging in video game conversations and taking time out to spend some on the games as well

The template also has a 

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