Usability Study Note Taking Template



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Template Description

Free Usability Study note-taking template 

Are you a researcher? Are you confused and bothered by the mounting paperwork of your research? Use this easy to use free notion template to organise your research work

All your participants' responses can be compiled in one dashboard that gives you a comprehensive overview of your research

Add your documents and findings to the template and focus on your research with a hassle-free template. Finding key insights, pain points of participants while interacting with either a finished product or the low fidelity design.

Checklist to manage all the participants in one place

Keeping track of all the research in one place has never been simpler. This Notion template has many benefits as it has an embedded calendar, timeline view and many other ways you can use it to keep and compile all of your research!

A nice page that stores all of your research information and makes the tasks more organized with To-Do list and status tracker

Track your progress 

Use this free easy to use notion template today to achieve the maximum output with your research. You can also change the view of the table and customise the template as your aesthetic allow. 

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